Cooperation of all required to contain COVID-19 spread - Amaraweera | Daily News

Cooperation of all required to contain COVID-19 spread - Amaraweera

Environment Minister Mahinda Amaraweera said that the entire world, including our country, is currently facing a serious economic crisis due to the COVID-19 epidemic and the economic crisis that we have to face as a result is a matter common to all countries.

The Minister also stressed that in order to overcome this huge economic challenge that has arisen in the country, every citizen will have to work towards a common goal, despite the COVID-19 epidemic.

The Minister made these remarks while distributing saplings to the people of the Hambantota District under the ‘Thurupaduru’ tree planting programme.

Steps have been taken to provide five economically important plants to every home garden in the Hambantota District under the “Thurupaduru” tree planting programme. Accordingly, steps will be taken to provide plants such as White Sandalwood, Wallapatta and Ketakala. The inaugural programme was held in Katuwana.

“Even today, a number of foreign exchange earning sectors in the country have been crippled, especially in the fishing industry, tourism, Middle East remittances, the apparel industry and other export earnings,” the Minister said.

“Overcoming this economic challenge is not an easy task. The country’s economy or normal life cannot be sustained by imposing a curfew due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Even the World Health Organization says that the world will have to deal with this pandemic for another two years. Therefore, we as a country have to take tough decisions to move forward. It also requires a great deal of self-sacrifice,” Minister Amaraweera further said.

The Minister stressed that the decisions to prevent COVID-19 by the Government are not made by the President, the Prime Minister or the Cabinet alone. These decisions are made after considering the views and suggestions of all members of the Committee appointed to prevent COVID-19.

“As a government, the country can no longer remain closed. It is the responsibility of the people to prevent this epidemic and to follow the instructions given by the health sector. Unnecessary travel and restrictions of movement as much as possible can greatly help control the spread of this second wave of the pandemic. We hope that the people will support the implementation of this initiative taken by the Government from today (09). We have the responsibility to prevent this epidemic and move the country forward. We have to do it ourselves. This is the responsibility of society as a whole”, Minister Amaraweera added.