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Police and Army operation to monitor non-essential vehicular movement

Following the lifting of the curfew imposed on the Western Province due to the risk of spreading the COVID-19 second wave, the Police and the Army yesterday (09) launched a joint operation to divert all non-essential vehicles and entrants of the Hatton-Colombo and Hatton-Kandy main roads.

On the instructions of Hatton SSP Vijitha de Alwis, all vehicles and passengers entering the Ginigathhena Kalugala area on the Hatton-Colombo main road and the Ginigathhena Bagathuluwa area on the Hatton-Kandy main road will be monitored 24 hours a day.

The Hatton SSP said that people from the plantation areas who are regularly employed in various parts of the country, including Colombo, will be coming to the Diwali festival on November 14 along the above roads.

“Such persons will be recorded and self-quarantined,” he added.

In addition to the road block, a police road block has been set up in the Bogawantalawa Petrosowatta area on the Balangoda-Bogawantalawa road.

It has been decided to close all the towns from November 11 to November 16 of this month to prevent the people of the plantation areas from entering and moving to the major cities during the upcoming Diwali festive season. SSP de Alwis said that steps will be taken to limit all transportations except essential services.