Farmers claim drop in vegetable prices at Dambulla DEC | Daily News

Farmers claim drop in vegetable prices at Dambulla DEC

The Dambulla Dedicated Economic Centre (DEC) had received large stocks of vegetables yesterday but the farmers claim that the vegetable prices have dropped drastically as there are not enough vendors to buy vegetables.

Farmers and traders point out that although many economic centres in the country have reopened the weekly fairs and vegetable stalls, the number of vendors who come to buy vegetables has remained very low, making it impossible to sell the large stocks of vegetables.

Farmers from all parts of the country have brought their stocks of vegetables to the Dambulla Dedicated Economic Centre and eventhough they have been sold at a very low price, they have not been able to estimate the price of vegetables.

President of the Economic Centers Traders’ Association Channa Arawula said the lorries carrying vegetables to the markets in the Western Province on Sunday returned to the Dambulla Dedicated Economic Centre with their stocks as the markets were reported to have been closed on Sunday due to heal concerns.

Farmers say that some vegetables were sold in limited quantities at prices ranging from Rs.10 to Rs.20.

The farmers are in a difficult situation as they are unable to sell their produce and are requesting the authorities to implement a programme to transport vegetable stocks to other areas or to purchase them.

Manager of the Economic Center Management Christie Wijeratne said that all farmers and traders who come are admitted under the quarantine law and that a large number of vegetables are received daily. He also said that vegetable prices will increase in the upcoming days.

Meanwhile, the Dambulla Dedicated Economic Center Police have launched an operation to arrest persons who fail to wear face masks inside the Economic Center thereby breaking the health guidelines.

The prices of a kilogram of some vegetables yesterday were, Cabbage Rs. 35-40, Beans Rs. 100-130, Carrot Rs. 130 -140., Tomato Rs.30-40 and Brinjal Rs.40-50.