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Buddhika Dikkumbura table tennis coach with a proven track record

Veteran Table Tennis Coach Buddhika Rajitha Dikkumbura.
Veteran Table Tennis Coach Buddhika Rajitha Dikkumbura.

Buddhika Rajitha Dikkumbura is one of the leading Table Tennis Coaches in the Island at present but he says that it is difficult to train the School children who are really interested in the game of Table Tennis as the Parents do not want to encourage them to develop the game as they are more interested in the children’s studies and encourage them to attend tuition classes. Due to this the children who are interested in the game of TT are not in a position to find time for practices.

This is the situation in most areas at present and the encouragement given by the relevant authorities is much less than for the popular games. It is essential to train the children throughout the year to get them to be Champions in Table Tennis if they are selected for SAF Games, Asian games and Commonwealth Games,but only one month is given for the participants to train for the game which is discouraging for the TT Coaches. His main ambition was to train well and win a Medal at the South Asian Games but later on he did not get that opportunity and his intention is to send a Competitor for Olympics.

An old boy of Vidyartha College,Kandy as a player Buddhika started table tennis under veteran Coaches Sunil Abeygunasekera and Rahal Abeyratne. With the guidance of his Coaches he became a TT Champion in School Level, District level, Provincial and all Island level under all age groups from Under 10 to 19. Once he left School he won a number of Table tennis open tournaments and got selected to represent Sri Lanka at the 1994 SAF Games.

While continuing as a player he got through the Level I and II Coaching courses and started his coaching career and first he started coaching TT for Boys & Girls of the Maliyadewa Boys & Girls Schools, Kurunegala while coaching his alma mater, Vidyartha College, Kandy.

Buddhika was coaching Mahamaya Girls School Kandy as well and he got through the Level III Coaching Course and became a high performance TT Coach and produced National and International Level players like Udaya Ranasinghe who was a National Champion for seven consecutive years from 2013 onwards.

Apart from him, Buddhika has produced Ridmi Karadanarachchi who became Women’s Runner-up at the TT Nationals, and Supun Warusavithana, Nirmala Jayasinghe, Dimanthi Bandara, Thanushi Rodrigo who were some of his International level male and female TT Players.

Under Buddhika’s coaching Sri Lanka won the Junior SAF TT Championship held in India in 2015 and won the same tournament held in Pakistan in 2016.