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PIM Alumni recognize outstanding leaders

PIM Alumni outstanding leaders
PIM Alumni outstanding leaders

The PIM vision of becoming a centre for management excellence in South Asia by developing leaders with a global presence and local pulse has been driven to become a reality over the last past 12 years, through a set of vibrant and visionary leaders who have acted as the Presidents of PIMA, The PIM Alumni Association.

As such, the PIMA EXCO 2019/2020 recently organized a felicitation ceremony to formally recognize and appreciate the contribution made by these distinguished personnel. The event was held at Waters Edge, Battaramulla amongst a distinguished gathering. The Director and Chairman of the Board of Management, Postgraduate Institute of Management (PIM), and the Patron PIMA, Prof. Ajantha Dharmasiri, graced the occasion as Chief Guest, and Dr Samantha Rathnayaka, Senior Management Consultant, PIM and the PIMA – PIM coordinator attended the function as the Guest of Honour.

Twelve Past Presidents were present at the occasion and were felicitated. Namely, Gerry Suraweera (PP 1999-2000), Ramesh Fonseka (PP 2001-2002) Shanil Fernando (2003-2004), Champal De Costa (PP 2004 –2005), Lakshman Abeysekara (PP 2007-2008), Linton Fernando (PP 2008-2010), Kemantha Perera (PP 2010-2011), Parakrama Girihagama (PP 2012 -2013), S .G G Rajkumar (PP 2013- 2014), Sampath Perera (PP 2014-2017), Nishantha Gunasekara (PP 2017 -2018), and Dinesh Hamangoda (PP 2018-2019).

The outgoing President PIMA, Jajalal Hewawasam said; “This is the first Past Presidents Felicitation in PIMA history. This was initiated to appreciate the hard work and dedication of Past Presidents of PIMA.”

He further stated that he expects active participation from all the past presidents of PIMA in order to build up the synergy among the past presidents and current EXCO.

The current President for the year 2020/21, Denzil Perera said; “excellence differentiates extraordinary people from ordinary people. Those who strive for excellence will have longevity in their endeavours. It is both, the yardstick and the benchmark. Each of our past presidents have through their service of dedication and excellence helped to build PIMA to what is has become today, and we felt it was appropriate to appreciate and recognize their efforts.”

The event was a testament to the key role played by the PIM, in serving the national interests in mentoring senior-level managers and business leaders through their outstanding industry-relevant study programs and results-driven teaching methodologies.