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Court bars Mawanella PS from holding meeting

A restraining order has been issued preventing the Mawanella Pradeshiya Sabha from holding its sessions for seven days.

Acting Police Spokesman DIG Ajith Rohana said that as the area was placed under lockdown such a meeting could not be held. However, measures had been taken to hold the Pradeshiya Sabha meeting yesterday morning despite the prohibition of such gatherings under quarantine laws.

“The Mawanella Police had received information about the monthly session of the Mawanella Pradeshiya Sabha being scheduled to be held yesterday morning. Police gathered some information and was revealed that the session was scheduled for yesterday. As the Mawanella area is under lock-down and gatherings are not permitted and public movement is restricted, the police had reported facts to court under the provisions of section 106 of the Criminal Procedure Code Act No. 15 of 1979 and the provisions of quarantine and prevention of diseases ordinance and the subsequent Gazette notification that was published on October 15, 2020.”

Police had made a request to court to issue a restraining order and the Mawanella Magistrate Upul Rajakaruna issued an interim order suspending the sessions of the PS for seven days from yesterday.

The Magistrate issued the restraining order yesterday on the Chairman and the Vice Chairman of the Mawanella Pradeshiya Sabha preventing them from hholding the session. Police delivered the court order yesterday.

“Chairmen of Pradeshiya Sabhas and Mayors of Municipal Councils are also authorities on quarantine law and they need to take proper precautions to prevent the spread of the disease.

However, in the event they tend to act in such irresponsible manner, it would lead to a very pathetic situation.

As a result, the police was compelled to seek court’s help to obtain a restraining order against them. Now the restraining order has been issued and as a result, the Mawanella Pradeshiya Sabha sessions cannot be held under any circumstance during this period. Therefore, if the Chairman or the Secretary attempt to violate the court order they would be charged for Contempt of Court,” DIG Ajith Rohana said.