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Development at village level to be accelerated - Lansa

Rural Roads and Other Infrastructure State Minister Nimal Lansa said that the rural economy will be strengthened through the development of rural infrastructure.

He was speaking at the inauguration of road development projects in the Matale District yesterday.

The National Programme to uplift the rural economy is being implemented in every district on the instructions of the President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa.

"Four Committees have been set up for this purpose to accelerate development at village level and to uplift the economy of the villagers," he said.

"Effective development in the country can be activated by identifying the problems at village level. The country's development had come to a standstill over the last five years. Our Government has resumed development activities and is the country is moving forward," Lansa said.

"We cannot allow the COVID-19 pandemic which has affected our country and the whole world to derail our development programees. We need to take the development prgrammes forward by protecting the people and by adhering to the proper health guidleines," he added.

"When the village road network, the highways and the expressways are developed, this will be a great boon to the people who will be able to transport their agricultural produce, fisheries, animal products to the market very quickly without having to incur extra costs. A good road network will help expedite the transport process to the airport and ports, thus boosting the export process. Therefore the infrastructure needs to be well developed for this purpose," Lansa said.

"The President has instructed that all development projects be carried out while protecting the environment, in keeping with the Government's eco-friendly policy. The Government has also launched a programme to plant two million saplings along with road construction projects," he said.