‘Dengue threat with onset of rainy season’ | Daily News

‘Dengue threat with onset of rainy season’

With the onset of the rainy season there is a possibility of dengue raising its head in the country and as such prior steps must be taken to prevent the danger of dengue in the country, said Dr. Aruna Jayasekera, the Director of the National Dengue Eradication Unit.

According to sources, there was a greater rise in dengue infections in urbanized and congested areas while the most number of cases was reported mid-year (May to July) in the Southwest Monsoon season and at the end of the year (October to January) in the Northeast monsoon season.

The Director of the National Dengue Eradication Unit said that since the beginning of this year, 28,944 dengue patients have been reported and 34 deaths have been reported so far and the risk of Dengue has intensified as the Northeast Monsoon rains have activated.

Dr.Jayasekara further said that it has been reported that few people infected with the COVID 19 virus have also been infected with the dengue virus.

He said that if the spread of the dengue virus increased at this time when there was a risk of COVID 19, the health authorities will have to face various difficulties to manage the situation.

He urged the general public to take appropriate precautions to prevent the spread of dengue.