‘Local bodies should be empowered to control COVID’ | Daily News

‘Local bodies should be empowered to control COVID’

Politicians and Secretaries in the Matale District should be empowered to make and implement district level decisions to control COVID-19, Matale District Secretary S.M.G.K.Perera said.

He was addressing a COVID controlling committee meeting at the Matale District Secretariat Auditorium recently.

He said that local government bodies, regional politicians, officials and the district political authority are essential to implement COVID controlling plans. .

Government institutions and officials should implement a programme to carry out road repairs and agriculture properly, he said.

Company managements should ensure their production without interruption in accordance with the health guidelines, he said.

The Government has decided to provide a bag of food worth Rs.10,000 for each family unit of those under quarantine. Those will be provided as per the Health Department’s recommendations, he said.

The Secretary said that the bags of food can be obtained from Co-operative Societies, the Cooperative Wholesale Establishment (CWE) shops and private sector groceries, he said.