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Public urged to support Government’s efforts in preventing COVID-19

The Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) yesterday urged the public to be responsible and support the Government's efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

GMOA Editor Dr Haritha Aluthge expressed his gratitude to the President for reaching correct decisions at the correct time to combat COVID-19.

Dr Aluthge thanked the President for his statement to the public to protect those who are suffering from non-communicable diseases from COVID –19 virus at the daily briefing with the members of the Task Force on COVID Prevention held at the Presidential Secretariat on Wednesday,

"Non-communicable diseases are invisible enemies and by defeating these invisible enemies such as diabetes, kidney diseases, heart ailments, cancers, we can easily defeat visible enemies. This is why the GMOA struggled a lot to change the food patterns of the public, prevent the usage of agrochemicals and so on," he added.

Dr Aluthge said the importance of analysing global COVID 19 pandemic situation before making decisions. "Though earlier we said that the people over 80 years and those with chronic diseases are the most vulnerable to COVID-19, when we deeply analyse the world situation it is clear that a considerable percentage of employed young people and children have also been infected with COVID-19. Pediatric COVID-19 cases now account for 11 per cent of all cases in the United States up from 2 per cent in April, " he added. He requested Hindu devotees to be responsible when celebrating Deepavali festival.