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Traditional potteries for 500 Katina Pinkamas

State Minister Prasanna Ranaweera in Katina Pinkama
State Minister Prasanna Ranaweera in Katina Pinkama

The Cane, Brass, Clay, Furniture and Rural Industry Promotion State Ministry has taken measures to conduct annual Katina Pinkama and an arms giving at 500 temples using only traditional pottery items and giving up plastic and polythene.

The first Katina Pinkama and arms giving were held recently using only the traditional pottery items at the Sri Jinarathne Sadaham Sevana in Nikaweratiya

Minister Prasanna Ranaweera said that this programe will promote pottery products and skills of local potters.

This is the part of the nation programmee to develop local industries and uplifting livelihoods of local manufacturers, he said. The programme will introduce locally manufacturing products for the arms giving and other necessities of Buddhist monks. “We will then able to socialise our locally manufacturing items, local traditions and customs through temples. If we can make some attitudinal change in society, we could create a healthy nation and uplift the livelihoods of local industrialists," the State Minister said.

The ceremony was conducted under the patronage of Namal National Park Custodian Ven. Wanawasi Rahula Thera, Sri Jinarathana Sadaham Sevana Anushasaka Ven.Mahameethawa Pannarathana Thera and Wattarama Rajamaha Viharaya Ven. Vitharandeniye Saradha Thera.