Drone cameras to monitor isolated areas – Police Media Spokesperson | Daily News

Drone cameras to monitor isolated areas – Police Media Spokesperson

Public movements are being monitored in areas under isolation using drone cameras, Police Media Spokesperson, DIG Ajith Rohana said.

He was speaking at a press conference at the Sports Complex of the Police Field Force Headquarters in Colombo yesterday.

He said that this special operation was launched with the assistance of the Air Force since certain groups have violated restrictions and without adhering to the directives in certain isolated areas.

Surveillance will be carried out until isolation is lifted, and stern actions will be taken against those violating restrictions in the isolated areas, he added.

He said that special security teams will be deployed with the assistance of the Police and Special Task Force (STF) to arrest individuals as soon as the data is received from the drone footage.

Residing persons of the isolated areas must remain at their homes while adhering to the COVID- 19 health guidelines, he said.

However, if anyone needs to go to a hospital due to an emergency, they can go to the hospital at any time using their private transport or if they need an ambulance at any time, they can call 0113 422 558 and get an ambulance, he said.