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Shehan Jeewantha does Taxila Central proud

Shehan Jeewantha commenced his school career from Wenwelpitiya Junior School, Horana and he was admitted to the Grade One in 2007 and left in 2013 and joined Taxila Central College, Horana in the same year.

Whilst at his first school he did Athletics in the under 11 and 13 age groups and in his first year he did 75 and 100 metres and came first and in the second year in the same age group he did 75 and 100 metres and came first and he won the first place in all these events at the Divisional Meets. Competing in the under 13 age group he won 100, 200 and 400 metre races at the Inter House Sports Meets and doing 110 metre hurdles he came second in the Zonal Meet.

He shifted to Taxila Central College, Horana in 2014 and in his first year in the under 15 he did 800 metres at the school meet and Zonal Meet he came first and in the Provincial Meet he was unsuccessful and in the John Tarbet Meet he participated and won colours for 800 metres. In the following year in the Junior Meet he came First in 400 metre Hurdles, Zonal first and Provincial Third Place. Participating in the under 20 age group in Hurdles he came first at the school and Zonal he came first and Provincial Third and at the John Tarbet fifth In the All Island meet he came Fifth in 400 metre hurdles and in the Junior Nationals he was Third. In the same year at the Youth meet his school won the 4x100 metres Relay and in the Track and Field Meet he came Second in 400 metre hurdles, Second in Triple Jump and First in 800 metres

In the 2017/18 Colours Nite he was adjudged the Best Male Athlete of the School and he received a Cash Award of Rs. 10,000. In 2016 he won School Colours and re awarded in 2018 and in the 2018 inter house meet he carried away the Best Athlete Award.

He was the Captain of the School Kabaddi Team in the under 16, 18 and 20 and won in the Zonal and in the under 20 they got the third place in addition he captained the Throw Ball Teams of 2017 and 2018 and they won Zonal in 2017. Finally he captained the School Teams in various tournaments and he won school colours.