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Netball tourney in Kandy postponed

Kandy Netball Association headed by Shanthini Kongahage and supported by able secretary T.M.P. Kumarihamy and the committee say that due to the spreading of the pandemic COVID-19 this month’s scheduled schools and club netball tournament has been postponed . Kandy Netball Association gives maximum support to keep the game going.

Netball was to be given a facelift in Kandy with this tournament now they are hoping to have this after the corona virus is halted. The health and safety of the Netball Family will be the main priority and to avoid the spread of Corona virus they are constantly planning and preparing for netball to return in its fullest form in the safest way possible.

Today over here in Kandy netball which is a popular participant sport is on a good footing, mainly at school level, the sport must be given the maximum support. What they need is the back up to promote the game. Netball was first introduced to Sri Lanka “ Ceylon” in1921 by Miss Calverly . The Ceylon Girl Guide Company at Kandy Girls High School played the game first. It soon spread to other schools, namely Hillwood College and Mowbray College.This gave the opportunity to introduce inter school matches. Kandy Girls High School and Colombo Ladies College played the first ever netball match in the month of February in 1925. It also became an annual encounter. In February it was played in Kandy and in July the same year second game was played in Colombo.

Kandy Netball Association is a non-profit making organization which has been helping to promote sports in community for the past many years. Their aim is to foster,develop and promote the game of Netball and in so doing not only produce elite players, but also responsible citizens who will be an asset to their community.It is widely recognized that sports is a positive agency in helping to produce well rounded individuals, and it is within this environment that they nurture members and Community organizations.