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Extending support for national efforts

Blood donation campaign by LB Finance:

Kekirawa Branch of LB Finance recently celebrated its 4th year anniversary with a blood donation campaign which was conducted for the 4th consecutive year. The staff members of the branch wished to carry out this donation to assist in the national efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, October 7 saw an enthusiastic turnout from the Kekirawa Branch staff and voluntary donors. On donating, they were each given a sapling to plant at home for plantation.

In the same vein, the Dampe Sudarmarama Temple opened its doors to the public to donate blood alongside with the Piliyandala Branch. This event saw many of the residents of the area join the workforce in donating and it was a valuable community event.

LB Finance is truly blessed in its civic-minded workforce, who are true representatives of the company and its values. Their continued efforts to engage with and work for the community have helped LB Finance create and retain a strong position in the hearts and minds of its clients.

LB Finance remains committed to uplifting Sri Lankan lives and with this goal in mind, the organization constantly and consistently engages in many projects and initiatives that can benefit the country. The CSR arm of LB Finance is primarily engaged in three areas: Future 1st, Sustainability, and Health 1st.

Under Future 1st pillar, LB Finance intends to develop the creative talents of the Sri Lankan children so as to make them well-rounded, critical and analytical adults. Under the sustainability approach, LB Finance works on planting in excess of 50,000 trees around the country. With the national health component, LB Finance works to stabilize and raise the health of the citizens through blood donations and investment in rehabilitation centers. -NA