Hiniduma OIC, 15 Policemen under quarantine | Daily News

Hiniduma OIC, 15 Policemen under quarantine

Sixteen Police personnel including the Hiniduma Police OIC have been placed under quarantine after it was confirmed that two suspects arrested by Police were infected with COVID-19, Opatha Public Health Inspector M.S.T. Madusanka stated.

The Public Health Inspector said that the two suspects were taken into custody and taken to court and Police officers who were closely involved in the interrogation took steps to quarantine them at their homes.

“The families of the two suspects have also been quarantined and will undergo PCR tests in the future.

“ The Hiniduma Police station will also be disinfected in due course,” he said.

The two suspects were arrested in the Dahamwala and Hiniduma areas for the possession of cannabis and for stealing a goat.