‘Sports in Northern Province to receive major boost’ | Daily News

‘Sports in Northern Province to receive major boost’

“The Northern Province can massively contribute to sports and cultural development. Several investments concerning sports activities are done in the province, which will encourage youth to contribute to the development in the province” said Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs Namal Rajapaksa to the Daily News.

He further added, in the budget proposal for 2021, Rs. five million will be allocated for each AGA division for school recreational developments. The money allocated can be used for sport essential developments, in rural areas.

“A lot of schools in the rural areas don’t have proper recreational activity centres and recreational essentials; the money allocated will help set up fitness centres and other developments concerning sports”.

In the next five years, the sports ministry is looking at a billion-dollar industry in the sports sector development of the country.

He added the investment will focus on sports tourism, manufacturing and sports events, regarding the industry.

Rajapaksa said, around 1,000 strength centres are expected to be set up island-wide in the coming year.

"If we aren’t an active nation, the President and Prime Minister’s vision cannot be fulfilled. We are targeting to have six million active youth in the year to come, from the economical aspect to physical aspect and the social aspect. These three will provide a lot in terms of the development.”