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On a day like this...We were saved

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa
President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa

Do you remember November 16th? Many of us do not remember specific days. Some even forget their own birthday, wedding anniversaries etc. Some remember things only for two weeks. But November 16th will be remembered by all Sri Lankans forever. It is because the country and the people were saved for the second time on this day and by now the country has been saved by the same individual three times. He is now trying his best to save the country and the people for the fourth time and this time it will be economically and forever.

The country and the people were saved on a day like this one year ago. Sri Lanka was almost destroyed economically, politically, culturally and socially by that time. But the country and the people were lucky enough to be saved for the second time by the same individual. He is the current President Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

After saving the country for the second time he had to save the country again for the third time in March last year, just after three months of his appointment as the President of Sri Lanka. He did it just like the past two times without much trouble because of his vast experience, knowledge and training. At the moment he is on his fourth mission. That is saving the country from COVID-19 once again and the economic setback. As usual he will win any challenge. It is because he thinks it is his duty.


President Gotabaya Rajapaksa with Forces Chiefs 

The President did not win the previous three challenges without any obstacles. He faced almost all types of obstacles. During the first challenge which was a 30 year long brutal terrorism very successfully continued by the barbaric LTTE, he faced a suicide bomb attack at Piththala Junction in Colombo 03 (Kollupitiya). By that time he held the position of the Defence Secretary of Sri Lanka. He did not give in to the LTTE. Instead of giving in, he eradicated LTTE terrorism forever from Sri Lanka.

But the Sri Lankan people were not lucky enough to have him as the Defence Secretary when the Easter Sunday suicide bomb attacks took place. In another way Easter Sunday suicide bomb attacks opened the eyes of all Sri Lankans and made them understand the sacrifices made by our war heroes to rescue this country under the leadership of this patriotic leader and his brother Mahinda Rajapaksa who was the President at that time.

When considering the past year, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa walked through a path full of sharp nails. Some of the ‘nails’ were placed by traitors of Mother Lanka while some other nails naturally fell into his path. The traitors placed certain nails such as ‘Embassy employee abduction drama’ while some other nails such as COVID-19 just fell on the path naturally. But no nails whether man made or natural could stop him and will never be able to stop him in future. It is because he thinks serving his motherland is his duty. A country receives such a leader very rarely.

His walk towards achieving the objectives in ‘Vistas of Prosperity and Splendour’ should be made smooth by us by identifying and managing the officials who are always pulling things backwards. For example, at last after Independence, Sri Lanka received a President who has a vast knowledge on IT and advises all to carry out their duties online as much as possible. Sri Lanka is fortunate to have such a President. What is the majority of officials doing? They want to show that they are working. In order to do so, they want their staffs to be present at offices no matter whether they are COVID-19 positive or not. The funniest part is many of those employees who were forcibly brought to offices work online. So the innocent poor employees who work over ten hours per day for a few thousands of rupees monthly salary come to the office carrying corona with them in order to please their ‘bosses’ and work online.

A few days ago the Government Medical Officers' Association (GMOA) Editor Dr. Haritha Aluthge stated that the GMOA had received several complaints in connection with bosses forcing all or majority of employees to report to work and one such boss had tried to get an employee who was under home quarantine to work.

There is another set of officials who only believe hard copies and documents printed on A4 papers. They try to commit suicide or kill their employees if the employees turn up with a soft copy of a document or send something through an email, WhatsApp message, ordinary text message, etc. Sometimes sending such a document becomes an offence itself. So poor people go out and fall into danger in the middle of COVID-19 just to use a piece of paper.

A President for all Sri Lankans, regardless of community and faith

The other factor which hinders the Government's development process and all the other tasks is not respecting deadlines by officials and employees. They have their own deadlines and the public needs to wait until officials’/employees’ deadlines passes. Only the heroic Armed Forces in Sri Lanka work and meet deadlines. All the others take ages to do any given task.

There are another set of crooks who pretend that they are real patriotic and always support the Government but their ‘secret mission’ is making everything hard or impossible for the Government. They have their own tactics to do so. One such tactic is finding a reason or two to delay or not to do a specific task and most of the time this is passing an approval, recommendation to the next step. The ‘facts’ they present seem to be reasonable but in reality there is some other ‘reason’ behind those ‘facts’.

The last but the main issue is certain Yahapalana elements which have changed their masks (not surgical) and outfits from ‘traitors’ to ‘patriots’. A traitor will never be a patriotic ever again in his/her life. The reason is very simple. Being a traitor is very beneficial from every way, especially it is very profitable. No one needs courage or any qualification to be a traitor. The only qualification is being able to lick the shoes of relevant individuals. They never get caught because they immediately change their true face and get connected to the next regime in order to hide and escape their past crimes against the country and the people.

But being patriotic is not so easy. It is not beneficial or profitable at all. One has to spend his/her own money to be a patriotic. Patriotic people have many enemies because they are honest. They are selfless. Usually the traitors who wear the masks and outfits of ‘patriots’ and stay in the camp of genuine patriots always slit throats of these real patriots in order to hide their real (traitors’) faces. Patriots become unpopular because they are genuine, they sacrifice their lives for the betterment of the people and not to earn money.

Traitors in ‘patriotic clothes’

We have to accurately identify the real traitors now wearing ‘patriotic clothes’ inside our own institutions in order to push the country forward in the middle of this COVID-19 crisis. We have to do it in order to accelerate President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s National Programme implemented through the Government of the real Sri Lankan people’s political party (Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna/SLPP).

It does not mean at all that we have to ill-treat any individual or keep anyone away from the development or any other process. What we have to do is just check the recent past of the specific individual before handing him/her any responsibility. Just checking what that specific person did during the past five years is much better than getting everything destroyed at the end of another five years. This is because the traitors are very talented to hide their true faces for longer periods, especially until they achieve their ‘targets’. Checking someone’s history of the past five years, especially the month, May in 2015 is essential. Usually it takes about three months for two legged frogs to jump and for two legged chameleons to change their colours.

Anyone can serve the country and the people and no position, benefits etc. are required to do so. Therefore we have to be careful when someone is asking for more power /facilities etc. to deliver his/her service. But this does not apply at all for all the employees who work hard in State and private institutions for a salary of a few thousands of rupees. They have been serving for the same salary in the same grade for decades and get labeled as a ‘traitor’ once a real traitor becomes his/her boss.

The real traitors always say we have to be friends and we have to forget our past. If someone is telling this, it is the best indicator that he/she wants to hide his/her past, especially what he/she did in the past and what he/she received for carrying out that ‘mission’. Usually they land from nowhere to State and private institutions as ‘bosses’ and ‘heads’. No one can trace their origin. This was a very common scenario during the past five years.

The other most dangerous type of individuals are all time ‘bosses’, all time ‘heads’ and all time ‘VIPs’. No matter what Government comes into power, these individuals are there as bosses, heads and VIPs. Their main task is planning to maintain their ‘boss’, ‘head’ or VIP status under the next Government. Therefore they serve for the ‘next Government’ and not for the ‘current Government’.