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Christic Lanka Polymers obtains Lloyd’s Register accreditations

Christic Lanka Polymers (Pvt) Ltd became the first Sri Lankan company to obtain three Lloyd’s Register accreditations in relation to yacht and boat manufacturing industry at once, a significant milestone for the company.

The CDP 2169 PT-6, CDP 2146 PT-5 LAMINATING and CDP 2196-1 certificates were obtained respectively for unsaturated poly resins and gel coat resin for yacht and boat manufacturing. Lloyd’s Register is a leading international provider of classification, compliance and consultancy services to the marine and offshore industries. Speaking on the milestone CEO Srimath Dias Perera stated; “we are delighted to be the very first Sri Lankan company to receive these three prestigious accreditations at once by using our own formulations without any overseas technology transfers.

It is a prestigious quality standard and we are proud of the team for working so hard to deliver the requirements within a short period of time. This will give us a real competitive advantage as we serve our loyal customers.”

Christic Lanka Polymers (Pvt) Ltd is an ISO 9001-2016 accredited company and all the leading boat builders in Sri Lanka are its customers. The company is equipped with a complete Fiber-Reinforced Plastic (FRP) testing laboratory.

It reaffirmed that with all necessary certifications, blending unsaturated polyester resins to suit manufacturing methods within Lloyds Register approved parameters.

The state-of-the-art production facility was established in 2006.

With qualified chemical and electrical engineers serving at its facility, stringent quality management procedures are followed to ensure that the products are of highest quality and safety standards.