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Institute of Chemistry Ceylon offers BSc Hons degree in Chemical Science

The Institute of Chemistry Ceylon is to offer a Bachelor of Science Honors (BSc Hons) degree in Chemical Science soon for the development of the industry.

The Bachelor of Science Honors (BSc Hons) degree in Chemical Science is a four-year full-time program designed as per the Sri Lanka Quality Framework (SLQF) Level 6, to provide a comprehensive education in Chemistry to all our undergraduates.

“The main objectives of this degree program are (1) to bring economic benefits and sustainable development to the country through manufacturing and value addition and (2) to contribute to global research in chemical science,” said. Senior Lecturer, Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, Dr. Sameera R Gunatilake. In the first two years, students will be offered fundamental and intermediate courses related to organic, physical, inorganic, analytical, and biochemistry. Even though the essence of the program is Chemistry, subjects such as mathematics, biology, physics, electronics, and statistics are taught to support undergraduates to cope with the more advanced Chemistry concepts offered subsequently.

In the third and fourth years, advanced concepts in Chemistry, as well as several management subjects, will be offered. While following these compulsory course units, students have the opportunity to select industry-related optional courses as well. The BSc program includes a strong practical component that is designed to provide substantial hands-on experience in all areas of Chemistry during the first three years of the degree.

“We hope to lay the foundation for our undergraduates to be exposed to research methodologies and to gain an understanding of research techniques, which will assist them to improve their rational and critical thinking and proficiency as chemists.”

The program is designed to include a subsidiary management component. We consider chemical science and management as a unique combination that will support students to develop into competent individuals in the competitive job market.The Institute of Chemistry Ceylon is the only education fraternity offering this subject combination in South Asia.

The Institute of Chemistry Ceylon consists of a large pool of scholars and experts placed at esteemed state and non-state universities, and industries in Sri Lanka. To qualify for enrollment in the BSc program, students should have obtained a minimum of three passes in either the biological or physical science subject streams at the GCE Advanced Level Examination or equivalent in the same sitting.

In addition to the BSc Hons, the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon will continue to offer the Graduateship program in Chemistry, a professional qualification that has been offered by the Institute for nearly 50 years.

The enrollment for 2021 intake is now open for both programs and more details could be obtained from,