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Two COVID cases at Boossa

Associates tests negative for virus

Associates of the two COVID-19 positive prisoners at the ‘F’ ward of the Boossa High Security Prison have tested negative for the disease, Regional Epidemiologist Venura K. Singakkara said.

The two detainees had been produced before Udugama Magistrate’s Court after they were arrested by Hiniduma police.

When the detainees tested positive, the Udugama Magistrate instructed 18 court officers and six lawyers to undergo PCR tests. As they tested negative, the Udugama Magistrate’s Court will function as usual, the Epidemiologist said.

The 18 officials of Hiniduma Police including the Chief Inspector have also tested negative for the disease.

Twenty four family members of the two who tested positive, underwent PCR tests and tested negative for COVID-19, the Epidemiologist said.

The two suspects had been arrested by Hiniduma police for possessing cannabis and stealing a goat.