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OPPO launches ‘Quality Campaign’ to raise awareness

Sam Chen, Senior Structure Engineer  of F Series
Sam Chen, Senior Structure Engineer of F Series

Global forerunner in innovative, affordable mobile devices and accessories, OPPO has launched a Quality Campaign to raise awareness in the month of November about the different aspects that contribute to making OPPO handsets and other devices unique.

The campaign launched with OPPO releasing a series of videos via their social media channels taking customers through the unrelenting process via which the devices are manufactured.

The brand’s focus on ingenuity which in turn delivers quality is verily illustrated in the documentary-style short videos.

In addition, OPPO invites local fraternity of customers to share stories of their own experience and insights allowing them to be the ultimate jurors of the brand’s unique proposition of Quality.

Theses compelling customer stories will able to be viewed at shorturl.at/egyO4

Commenting on the user-led approach to design, Sam Chen, Senior Structure Engineer of F Series said: “Users usually make requests for ultra-thin & ultra-light and our job is to guarantee the smartphone’s strength while maintaining other features like its thinness and lightness; we continually conduct trial production in addition to repeated comparison & verification.

Finally, we are able to successfully enhance the number of soft pressure tests to the ideal value.”

OPPO’s quality policy is to achieve continual excellence through unremitting progress.

To that end, from trial to mass production, each and every device is generally subjected to 130 different types of tests with the highest industrial standard to ensure strength, durability & functionality. Launched in Sri Lanka in 2015, OPPO soon rose to popularity in the local market with its unique offering of high quality yet affordable line-up of mobile phones and accessories.

OPPO has a wide network of sales agents, thus broader accessibility, as well as a host of after-care services which included the signature Flash Fix Service that was launched in the aftermath of Covid19 lockdown.

OPPO, the leading global smartphone brand since the launch of its first mobile in 2008 has been in relentless pursuit of the perfect synergy of aesthetic satisfaction and innovative technology.

From launching selfie-focused smartphones in Sri Lanka 2015 OPPO has been broadening its horizons in terms of new technology and it’s insightful application to satisfy aspirations across consumers through numerous models through its flagship ‘F’ series & the popular Reno Series.

OPPO Sri Lanka has strong partnerships with Abans, Singhagiri, Dalog, Daraz & other Authorized OPPO dealers who help the brand to reach-out to Sri Lankans right-across the country.