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Moderna says vaccine 94.5% effective

Moderna Inc. said Monday that its developing Coronavirus vaccine candidate surpassed the efficacy rate of Pfizer Inc.’s in a late-stage study.

Moderna said its vaccine hit a 94.5% efficacy rate, topping the 90% threshold reported by Pfizer last week, and noted that it can last for up to six months when stored at standard freezer temperatures of -20 degrees Celsius, compared to the -70 degree temperatures required for the Pfizer vaccine.

The drug maker also said it expects to apply for Emergency Use Authorization with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration within the coming weeks, while the European Medicines Agency’s human medicines committee launched a ‘rolling review’ of the vaccine Monday.

Moderna is using so-called ‘messenger RNA’ techniques for its vaccine candidate, and told investors in September that it had amassed more than 25,000 participants for its clinical stage trial.

Modena said it could have 20 million doses available for the U.S. market this year, as well as a total supply of between 500 million and 1 billion doses worldwide next year. (The Street)