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CleanCo, INSEE Ecocycle partner for sustainable e-waste management

Deeply committed to reducing the nation’s air pollution, CleanCo Lanka (Pvt), as an environment conscious company has signed an agreement with INSEE Ecocycle, the pioneer in professional waste management, to recycle organisational e-waste, contributing to cleaner air and mitigating damage to the environment.

CleanCo’s entity, Drivegreen, through its vehicle emission testing centres located islandwide using advanced testing equipment and technology following international standard testing protocols, plays a leading role in reducing the country’s air pollution caused by vehicle emissions, enabling safer roads and cleaner air.

Components of e-waste are toxic and contain lead, mercury, cadmium, and other potentially harmful chemicals. An alarming fact, unknown to many is that e-waste poses a danger to human health and pollutes and has a devastating impact on the environment. Due to improper disposal of e-waste in regular landfills or where it is dumped illegally, particles can seep into the soil, causing contamination of crops. After soil contamination, heavy metals from e-waste can leak reaching groundwater eventually making its way into streams and rivers. Water, thus becomes unsafe for animals, plants and communities.

Additionally, materials with no market value for scrap are often burnt in the open air or released to the environment.

This contaminates the air and causes pollution. Citizens can inhale polluted and contaminated air, resulting in respiratory problems. Also chronic diseases and cancers are at a higher risk when burning e-waste because it also releases fine particles, which can travel thousands of miles, creating numerous negative health risks.

Understanding these implications, CleanCo’s agreement with INSEE Ecocyle ensures that all its e-waste including used mask waste, filter and toner waste collected from the entire organisation will be repurposed in a sustainable way.

INSEE Ecocycle Lanka (Private) Limited, the pioneers in total waste management solutions in Sri Lanka, has served 1000+ customers through co-processing and has eliminated over 1,000,000 metric tons of industrial waste during the last 17 years.