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KIU offers BSc. Honours in Biomedical Science degree again

KIU has completed nearly five years providing the BSc. Honours in Biomedical Science degree which is the first ever UGC recognized Biomedical Sciences Degree program approved by the Sri Lankan Ministry of Higher Education.

This initiative was taken by KIU to introduce the biomedical Science degree with a new face to broaden the knowledge and open the gateways to greater opportunities for students who are really interested in this subject area.

KIU ensures the quality of education and has a highly qualified lecture panel enabling the students to reach the international standards. Students are also provided with cutting edge laboratory facilities and new methods of teaching and learning.

The BSc. Hons in Biomedical Science degree is offered at a reasonable cost where talented students from all over the country finally, can enter a quality degree programme.

With the launch of the interest free student loan scheme offered by the Sri Lankan government, a higher percentage of qualified students have the great opportunity of enrolling in the BSc. Honours in Biomedical Science degree offered by KIU.

Further in this degree program leading edge disciplines of study are included. Majoring in biomedical science paves the way to become an enthusiast with the ultimate goal of being a scientist when a career pathway is pursued in research work.

The higher education opportunities are limitless in this subject area with a pathway open to engage in higher studies leading to the ultimate pinnacle of a doctorate. In developed countries such as the USA, Japan, UK, Sweden, Russia and France Biomedical science is a much-respected field with a high demand giving diverse job opportunities.

In today’s world scientists are highly paid and considered to be at the top of their carriers. As other main career opportunities for a BioMedical Science (Hons) graduate includes, BioMedical Scientist, Scientists (Microbiologists, Biochemists etc.), Drug safety coordinators, Molecular Biologists, Researcher, Post Graduate opportunities and Entering Academic field, Health and Safety Executive, Clinical Trial Associate, pharmaceutical and product manufacturers and further the potential of entering medical faculties with exemption of the first two years in universities overseas.

The prime goal of KIU is to motivate the students to go to greater heights in this field, with the ultimate goal of creating scientists for our country and for the world. Join us for a great teaching and learning experience in a scientific environment at the Faculty of Health Sciences, KIU.