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Health guidelines issued for court activities

The Health Ministry has issued health guidelines in respect of court activities to prevent and control COVID-19. The instructions have been issued by Director General of Health Services Dr. Asela Gunawardena. Courts administration, judges, legal officers, staff and litigants are urged to follow the health guidelines.

Courts have been identified as a high risk setting for transmitting COVID-19 as mixing of persons from different areas and different risk levels occurs. Health authorities urge the courts administration to appoint a responsible person to each court to oversee the preventive measures. This person is responsible to ensure health education of all staff and arrange necessary facilities.

The health instructions have stipulated to ensure physical distancing of a minimum of one metre amongst persons, seats should be placed one metre distancing in all directions.

The witness box should be placed keeping an appropriate distance and frequently touched areas must be disinfected regularly. Judges, legal officers and other staff are urged to wash their hands with soap and water at least for 20 seconds before they enter and leave the premises and frequently at work.

They are requested not to share coats/cloaks/ties and these items should be worn only when essential and they must be cleaned regularly.

The litigants are requested to refrain from going to courts unless it is essential, and spend the minimum time required to get the work done.