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PCR tests will continue despite Rapid Antigens - Minister

The present PCR testing capacity in the country will be maintained despite the introduction of a new Rapid Antigen Test, Co-cabinet Spokesman Plantation Minister Dr. Ramesh Pathirana said.

He refuted allegations levelled by various groups which claimed that the government was attempting to abandon PCR tests through the introduction of Rapid Antigen tests.

“The PCR test was the gold standard available to detect COVID-19 virus.

So there will be no reduction in the number of PCR tests conducted in the country at present, despite the new rapid antigen test being introduced,”he stressed.

The Minister said the country had carried out 680,834 PCR tests so far, with 8,743 tests conducted on Monday (16) and continues to conduct 10,000 to 12,000 tests daily.

Addressing the weekly Cabinet media briefing yesterday, the Minister further said that the issues that prevailed regarding PCR testing at the Mulleriyawa laboratory has now been sorted and PCR tests are being carried out at maximum capacity.

“There were delays in releasing some PCR test results.The machine has now been restored and the examination of the delayed PCR tests are underway,” he added.

“We have no intention to abandon PCR tests.The Rapid Antigen Test kits received from the World Health Organisation (WHO) have been given to hospitals. However, the priority will always be given to PCR tests,” Dr. Pathirana said.