Budget 2021 achieves expectations of manifesto – Minister Dr. Godahewa | Daily News

Budget 2021 achieves expectations of manifesto – Minister Dr. Godahewa

Dr. Godahewa

State Minister of Urban Development, Coast Conservation, Waste Disposal and Community Cleanliness Dr. Nalaka Godahewa said that the public was able to expect proposals in the budget given the manifesto of the president.

Dr. Godahewa said “in my opinion, the budget can’t be an isolated event. If you look very carefully at the manifesto of the President and listen to his speeches you should be able to predict this budget. He has very clear goals for the country. Everything he has said is in the budget.”

“If something is not in the budget don’t worry. There are 5 years. In each budget, his policy will be implemented.”

Godahewa highlighted the 10 fold policy framework of the government: Priority to national security; friendly; non-aligned; foreign policy; an administration free from corruption; a new constitution that fulfils the people’s wishes; productive citizenry and a vibrant human resource people-centric economic development; technology-based society; development of physical resources; sustainable environmental management; disciplined, law-abiding, and values-based society.

The Minister noted that consolidation plans for the financial sector will be proceeded with. He said “we will combine them and strengthen them. We started this when I was chairman in the SEC.

Unfortunately, this didn’t continue and we saw companies failing. The only solution is to merge them.

Dr. Godahewa said, “we started in a difficult solution and then we were hit by COVID-19. The so-called experts, foreign experts, would have advocated going in for austerity, cutting down expenditure. This is not how the government has reacted. The government has looked at the strategy and seen places you have to invest anyway.”

Godahewa noted that in the last five years the rate of capital expenditure of the government has gone down consecutively from 5.8% to 4.3%. He accused the former government of providing superficial benefits to the people.

Dr. Godahewa said that the people have not been burdened through the new budget. Corporate taxes and income taxes have not had an increase in their rate.

“We are predicting growth where the entire world is not,” he added.