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Academics Group, IvyPlus Network launch ‘IVY Young Entrepreneur’ SL edition

Academics Group, one of Sri Lanka’s first cross-sector education think tank, has collaborated with IvyPlus Network, a global professional network of alumni from Ivy League and other leading universities worldwide to launch IVY Young Entrepreneur (IYE). The programme is designed for those aged 15 to 19.

IVY Young Entrepreneur (IYE) Sri Lanka Edition is a 2-week online programme designed to tap into teens’ natural potential and craft it for greater applications and success, like the process of launching a start-up.

The programme would run from November 16 to 27. Students would be guided by industry experts, successful entrepreneurs and work with peers to solve business challenges. The programme will help them learn how to innovate, conduct market research, develop prototypes, craft user testing, develop a clientele and run a successful venture. There are 20 hours of live workshop over 2 weeks for the participants. ?

IVY Young Entrepreneur (IYE) Sri Lanka Edition would feature some of Sri Lanka’s most successful entrepreneurs, business leaders and innovators who have excelled in their fields. In addition, the programme will also provide a platform for students to interact with internationally acclaimed entrepreneurs and leaders.

IvyPlus Network is a well-renowned global professional network of alumni from top global universities, founded by Swati Sahni, a successful entrepreneur, an academic and an alumnus of Harvard.

Swati has worked in the education policy space for over a decade with organisations including UNICEF, World Bank and Ministry of Human Resource Development has a Masters in International Education Policy from Harvard Graduate School of Education, where she was a Fulbright-Nehru Scholar.

Academics Group is Sri Lanka’s first cross-sector education think-tank with a vision to help create a more open and connected education system. Based in Colombo and focused on education reform, technology and innovation. The Academics Group was founded by a group of top professionals from cross sectoral backgrounds.

“We are partnering with the Academics Group to bring the programmes to high school students from across Sri Lanka” stated Swati on launching the programme.

“We are excited about this partnership and the impact these programmes will have on our super talented and ambitious students. Academics Group was launched to make a difference through education and we are pleased with the response we are getting from both students and parents,” said Balendran Kandeban, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Academics Group.