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Seylan Bank secures customer safety through digital banking platforms

Seylan Bank has set out an array of digital banking platforms facilitating a safer and convenient option for customers to carry out financial transactions from home, as Sri Lanka navigates through the COVID-19 pandemic.

As consumers move most of their financial transactions to online and mobile channels in an attempt to minimize trips to brick-and-mortar bank branches, digital banking continues to play a key role in the financial service industry.

Seylan Bank offers a range of digital banking platforms including Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Internet Payment Gateways, Merchant Portal Services, E-Statements, SMS Alerts, Pay Roll Services, ATM and Kiosk channels, ensuring utmost convenience to all Seylan customers.

With an all-new, feature-packed, and personalized online banking experience, Seylan Internet Banking has new and exciting tools, offering customers easy access to manage their finances online from any web-enabled device with internet access.

Further, those who wish to carry out their financial transactions on their mobile can experience a streamlined and simplified user experience through the Seylan Mobile Banking app. The application offers extensive features enabling customers to carry out financial transactions ranging from fund transfers to utility bill payments, checking account balances, and many more right at their fingertips on any Android or iOS mobile device.

With a marked increase in consumers shifting to e-commerce to purchase goods and services, people prefer to use cash less, and instead, opt to carry out payments online. Through the Seylan Internet Payment Gateway service, all customers and Seylan merchants will benefit from a range of features that deliver a streamlined user experience, eliminating the need for cash payments. E-business merchants, online retailers, and other enterprises can accept consumer payments through the gateway.

With customers unable to visit banking outlets due to health and hygiene concerns surrounding the pandemic, Seylan customers are offered the convenient and hassle-free option of checking their credit card and or account balance via SMS Alerts and get their card or account statements securely delivered on time as an E-Statement. Customers can also receive real-time updates on all transactions that happen through their Credit or Debit card with Seylan SMS alerts.

The Seylan Payroll solution is yet another option for organisations to manage a wide range of financial transactions, remotely and in an efficient manner. The service covers a variety of services including salary disbursement, EPF remitting, facilitating supplier payments, and disbursing commissions and dividends, all in a convenient environment, without the need to visit a bank branch