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Success tips budding architects should know

Architecture can safely be ranked as one of the most hectic majors. It is a field that requires 100% of your time and commitment. You must become fully aware that you have embarked on a highly challenging journey the moment you entered an Architecture school.

Get ready for all the hardships and rewards inevitably awaiting you in this field by reading our 10 Success Tips you should know as a young architect.

Feel Lucky!

To start with, know that you are in a field that has greatly impacted, and sometimes literally created, the greatest civilizations throughout history.

“I believe the way people live can be directed a little by Architecture” – Tadao Ando

It is considered one of the coolest majors to this day. People think of you as a unique and creative individual. Be proud of it and begin your journey with a smile!

Grow a Thicker Skin!

Now that you are all happy about being in one of the most revered fields, maintain this happiness through the difficulties you will face. Always remain optimistic!

It can be greatly depressing when you work on a project through days and nights but it receives little or no appreciation. Guess what? You are not alone. This is the generic life of architecture.

Every successful architect has been through failure and rejection. Do not let such events make you give up. Be patient, learn from such experiences, keep moving forward and shine. It is only in your hands to turn every obstacle in your favor!

Not only will you come out as a better architect but also as a stronger and wiser individual.

Leave Your Comfort Zone!

Never be afraid to try new things, even if it entails learning something complicated from scratch in a limited time. You can achieve it if you have the will.

Be Creative! Users’ comfort and functionality are crucial considerations, but can these limit the flexibility of your design? Sure! Should this stop you from taking risks? No! There are many crazy ideas that successfully came from a paper into a real-life building. Such rare architecture, which always seemed impossible to be built, is what takes an architect up the success ladder!

Verbal Presentation

This is a magic tip, for real! If you can do the right talk, your project will sell no matter what. I have seen average quality projects being appreciated far more than some excellent ones just because of this amazing speaking trait. Sometimes, this trait is natural but it can surely be acquired.

Here is some practical advice for you folks: Rehearse! Present in front of the mirror and examine your body language as you speak. When you speak, make it sound as if you never prepared, and all this great talk is naturally coming out of you because of how passionate you are.

Highlight the strengths of your project in your verbal delivery and skip the weaknesses. Sound as if you are super convinced of your design; this convinces the Jury too.

Digital Presentation

There is another magic tip! Even if your project is not technically perfect, you can make it stand out by creating a graphically stunning result!

Don’t be Stubborn!

Believe in your ideas, but be open to critique!

No one is stopping you from genuinely defending your project but you must consider constructive comments from clients, colleagues, jurors, and mentors to successfully move forward.

Learn New Software!

This will increase your demand in the architectural world. Stay updated with the latest technology and become proficient with BIM in your school years!

Be Social!

If you want to be a leader, this is the trait you need to have. Expand your network as far and wide as possible. Make connections around you and through social networking sites. Be easy-going and approachable with people and don’t even pretend to forget any of them.

There are many talented architects around… but are they good to work with?

Engage with Community!

This tip has a unique importance in the realms of sociability. Hence, it needs to be mentioned as a separately emphasized point.

Your goals as an architect should not end at designing creative edges and curvatures. Get involved in the community. Many people cannot afford the costly aid of an architect. Are you willing to serve them through your potentials?

Your architecture should first and foremost be a service to people and their environment for you to become a revered architect.


Although this is the last point in this article, it is essentially the first step to success!

Creative ideas will come to you when you take time alone to reflect. Think big without undermining your role of a problem-solver. Think about the greatest world problems and how your design can contribute to solving them!