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Budget 2021, an impetus to mitigate poverty - Former President

Budget 2021 has measures to mitigate poverty by encouraging national production, Polonnaruwa SLPP MP, former President Maithripala Sirisena told Parliament yesterday.

Joining the Second Reading debate of the appropriation bill made by the Prime Minister in Parliament on Tuesday, the former President said the government had constructive and practical means of enhancing national production and the manufacturing of various products in the country for local consumption before 1977.

He added that Dr.N.M. Perera’s budget proposals had the means to encourage the same national policy until the Open Economy was introduced under the UNP government led by J.R.Jayawardene. However although it had positive features, the country’s economy had dropped to this level due to the same reason.

He said further however this budget proposal is consistent with the same spirit that encouraged the local production and manufacturing process for the local consumption. He added hence it has limitations for imports.

He added that the budget 2021 has proposals to bring the human-elephant conflict to an end which is a long standing need of the rural public.It has proposals to develop road networks in rural areas. It also has proposals to allocate Rs. 10,000 million to develop 7,000 bridges in rural areas. In the meantime that it has proposals to provide potable water to 50 percent of the population that has no access to drinking water. He said the drinking water issue is so grave for half of the population that they have to spend more on a bottle of drinking water than on a bottle of milk. Allocation for the health sector is also commendable.

He said all these measures will help to develop the rural sector and reduce poverty in the country.