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The weird side of food

Mother of pizzas
Mother of pizzas

You can easily lose your way in the world of food if you don’t watch where you’re going. As you navigate the Isles of Gordon Ramsay and sail around the Jamie Oliver Peninsula, you’re eventually bound to come across the seemingly-endless Desert (not dessert) of Weird Food. And in the middle stands none other than the city of ‘Totally Gourmet’ (Population: 118,000), its streets filled with bizarre sights that show off the strange and sometimes unsettling side of cooking, cuisine, and nosh.

The ‘Totally Gourmet’ page is run by none other than Sébastien Mathys and Jonas Nyffenegger. Check out some of the weirdest and most mesmerizing food-related pictures from ‘Totally Gourmet’ .

Bored Panda


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