Re-captured inmate tests positive for COVID-19 | Daily News

Re-captured inmate tests positive for COVID-19

Kandy Senior Superintendent of Police Sudath Masinghe stated that the Bogambara prison inmate, who was re-arrested after an escape attempt, has tested positive for COVID-19.

The prisoner was re-captured while hiding in the Central Provincial Education Department premises.

Five people tried to escape from the Old Bogambara prison on November 18. It has been confirmed that three of them, including the prisoner who died during the escape attempt, have contracted COVID-19.

Accordingly, the total number of the Old Bogambara prison related COVID-19 cases has risen to 168.

The SSP also said that the police team that went to arrest the man who had escaped from the prison and hid in the Education Department premises had carried out the operation following hygienic procedures and there was no risk of them contracting the virus.