Minister moots programme to recycle e-waste in Sri Lanka | Daily News

Minister moots programme to recycle e-waste in Sri Lanka

Environment Minister Mahinda Amaraweera has drawn the attention of the Government to formulate a programme to recycle e-waste in Sri Lanka after removing their valuable metal parts.

The Minister has proposed this measure instead of exporting e-waste in bulk.

Large quantities of electric and electronic waste (E- waste) are now accumulated in houses which could cause health problems if measures are not taken to dispose of them in a proper manner. Currently, about 28 private sector companies registered under the Central Environmental Authority (CEA) are informally collecting and recycling the e-waste from various locations and exporting it for recycling. Several Japanese companies, in particular, buy this waste to remove the high-value metal parts they contain. Printed Circuit Board- PCBs, especially those included in computers and televisions, contain very valuable metals such as gold and platinum. Some Japanese companies buy them for the metal parts. Although electric and electronic waste collection weeks have been implemented in the recent past, these programmes have been somewhat successful only in the Western Province.

Therefore, Minister Amaraweera has proposed to look into the possibilities of removing these metal parts and using them for various needs within the country and to destroy the remaining parts in a safe manner without exporting them.

The Minister said that he intends to submit a proposal to the Government in this regard. He also said that he would discuss the matter with Industries Minister Wimal Weerawansa and the relevant officials.