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E-channelling services introduced for driving licence medical tests

The online system for driving licence applicants to make appointments for medical tests at island-wide branches of the National Transport Medical Institute (NTMI) through e-channelling services was introduced yesterday.

The special feature of this service is that applicants will be able to obtain medical certificates without a hassle, after completing all required medical tests during the time slots reserved through e-channelling services.

Applicants can reserve convenient dates and times to take their medical certificate for driving licences at any National Transport Medical Institute branch by dialing 225 from any mobile and 1225 from an SLT phone, or by visiting www.echannelling.com.

The system is available on the NTMI’s official web page: www.ntmi.lk. Applicants are required to provide the details requested and will be informed of the date and the time of the appointment via an SMS.

It is expected that the new system would ease the prevailing congestion at the NTMI premises in Nugegoda and facilitate applicants from outstation who previously had to travel to Colombo for this purpose.