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Peradeniya University developing kit for PCR tests

Vice-Chancellor of the University of Peradeniya Prof. Upul Dissanayake said that the University of Peradeniya is developing a test kit that can perform a PCR test for less than Rs.1500.

He said that the team of experts conducting research on the new test kit has now conducted a large number of sample tests and obtained successful results.

He further said that the University Grants Commission is financially assisting the research and the research team is focused on developing a new set of rules that would allow quick results from field trials. Prof. Dissanayake also said the university is conducting PCR tests as required by the Health Authorities. The university is capable of conducting around 400 PCR tests per day.

Moreover, he added that the PCR machines received by the university as an appreciation for the research reports by University lecturers were donated to the Government hospitals.