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Independence of judiciary should be safeguarded - Justice Minister

Referring to various statements being made regarding court verdicts in the country in the recent past, Justice Minister Ali Sabry, PC, said that the independence of the judiciary should be safeguarded.

“The independence of the judiciary should be protected not for the Government or the Opposition, it should be safeguarded for the people of this country. Eventually the only place a person could go to seek justice is the Courts. Therefore, while safeguarding the independence of the judiciary, we must also remember that the judiciary is not bound to give their verdicts to suit the whims and fancies of anyone,” he told the House.

He noted that in the past many Court verdicts had been given to satisfy certain groups. “There are reasons for that. In the Civil Appellate Courts alone last Thursday, 60 verdicts were given and the Court of Appeal had given 30 verdicts. In between that several other Court verdicts were also given.”

However, he said the judiciary was under severe pressure during the last five years. He said the FCID was established in violation of the Police Ordinance. Sabry said it was very evident how this illegal unit conducted investigations.

“Then they initiated another unit called the Anti-Corruption Unit. They politicized this unit and filed false cases against selected persons. People’s names were given to them and cases were filed. They created new courts and these courts were not established to serve the people. We too intend to establish new courts, but not for political vengeance, but to address the grievances of the people,” he added.

He noted that the Courts were established during the previous regime without the provision to appeal these verdicts. It took a lot of time and effort to appeal these cases and in some instances they had to go to courts many times against these verdicts.

He said there was no issue in criticising a wrong verdict, but criticising the judiciary is a dangerous situation and warned that it could boomerang on the Opposition.

He warned that the tables could turn and that either party could be on the Opposition benches at some point.

“When you are in the Opposition you must understand and even in the Government, that when you are in trouble you have no other place to go other than the judiciary. It is incumbent on all of us as a part of this Legislature, that we must protect the independence of the judiciary.”