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UGC to provide computers to new entrants on easy payment terms

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has intended to provide computers to all the students that enter the universities this year.

UGC Chairman Prof. Sampath Amaratunga said that the People’s Bank has agreed to provide a loan to every student to purchase a computer, and only the interest on that amount will have to be paid monthly during their university education.

He was speaking to the media after the launch of Research Papers for the year 2020 at the Postgraduate Institute of Science, at the University of Peradeniya on Thursday (26).

The UGC Chairman said that the monthly interest for the loan of purchasing a computer is Rs.500 and after systematically paying it during the university period students will get the opportunity to pay the loan after being employed.

He said this decision was taken as a separate amount was charged additionally apart from the interest by the previous loan given and students found it difficult to pay Rs.2,500 from the Rs.5,000 Mahapola Scholarship Fund.

Prof. Amaratunga emphasized that computer engineers representing the university system has recommended the computer(s) according to the needs of the students. The computers will also be covered by a four-year insurance policy.

He said that with the COVID-19 crisis, it was imperative for every student to have a computer as university education is conducted online. He also added that sustainability must be maintained in university education and this decision was taken on that basis.