Separate unit at CNH to conduct PCR tests on COVID dead | Daily News

Separate unit at CNH to conduct PCR tests on COVID dead

The Ministry of Health is to set up a separate unit at the Colombo National Hospital (CNH) to conduct PCR tests on remains of persons who die in their homes.

The Health Consultative Committee, chaired by Health Minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi made this decision at the Committee meeting held at the Parliamentary Complex on Saturday.

The proposed unit will conduct the PCR tests on bodies that are taken to the morgue from homes due to the existing quarantine regulations. The unit will release the respective clinical reports of the PCR within 24 hours to enable the families to perform their religious rites accordingly if the PCR reports are negative. In the event of a positive report, the hospital would make its own arrangements to cremate the body according to the quarantine regulations.

Speaking to the Daily News, Parliamentarian Mujibur Rahman said the decision was taken on Saturday on a request made by him to consider the clearance of PCR reports on Muslim dead bodies within 24 hours since Muslims believe that the final rites of Muslims should be performed as quickly as possible from the time of the death.

During the meeting, Rahman also had requested the Minister to consider increasing the number of PCR tests conducted in Colombo. He explained that there are around 460,000 residents in Colombo. Rahman also appreciated the efforts of the Ministry officials to keep the virus under control with public cooperation.

Under the prevailing quarantine rules, families should inform the health authorities in the event of a death at home. The health authorities will give a death certificate to bury or cremate the remains depending on the PCR reports conducted on the bodies.