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Ruwan urges Opposition to unite

United National Party (UNP) deputy leader Ruwan Wijewardene said that steps will be taken to bring all forces to the same platform against the “repressive and destructive programme being carried out by the Government”.

He further said that all Opposition forces should unite unconditionally and fight against the rule of the Government.

He was addressing a meeting of party members in Monaragala on Friday (28), the third in a series of district level islandwide programmes under the auspices of the UNP reorganization programme led by him.

Wijewardene pointed out that the hope and objective of all should be to prevent the misuse of the power by the present Government through the 20th Amendment to the Constitution, which would be detrimental to the democratic traditions of the country.

A district level programme has been launched next January with the aim of soliciting the views and suggestions of party activists on the issues and challenges faced by party members as well as the current situation of the party and to re-integrate UNP activists who had deserted the party.

He also said that a comprehensive national program would be launched during the month to strengthen the party, bring it back to the people and regain power.