Labour Ministry to enforce the EPF Act | Daily News

Labour Ministry to enforce the EPF Act

Minister of Labour Nimal Siripala de Silva said that employers that violate the Employees Provident Fund Act and those who fail to pay salaries and contributions for EPF and ETF on time would be severely dealt with this year.

“There will be no pardon for defaulting employers this year,” he cautioned.

The Minister disclosed that Provident Fund contribution defaults were around Rs. 12 billion and this was very unfair for the workers. He observed that there was a heavy congestion in the Magistrates’ Courts with regard to such ‘default’ cases when the plaintiff goes to the tribunal and they are in the process of finding a solution for this as well.

“We are also looking at a new legislature where as soon as an employee joins an organization the employer opens a file with the Provident Fund, not less than six months.”