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IIHS promotes sustainable living through ‘Giving Back to Nature’

IIHS Team at the event.
IIHS Team at the event.

International Institute of Health Science (IIHS), Sri Lanka’s premier and leading healthcare education institute renowned for the high-quality education in Sri Lanka has stepped up to promote sustainable living through a novel concept of “Giving back to Nature” by planting native plants to protect and promote the growth of nature.

Having understood the repercussions of neglecting nature, the IIHS family were united in their efforts where all staff members brought their tree saplings and planted it whilst tagging their names to each plant, thus granting each member the responsibility of tending to the growth and sustenance of each plant through the application of fertilizer and protecting it from insects.

The event was graced by Dr Nihal De Silva, Chairman and Dean IIHS, Dr Kithsiri Edirisinghe CEO and Co-founder IIHS, members of the Board of Directors, Higher Management of IIHS and staff.

Commenting on the initiative, Dr Kithsiri Edirisinghe CEO and Co-founder IIHS, said, “I believe this concept will help to drive the responsibility of protecting and caring for mother nature. Focusing on development we have neglected our natural environment. Nature, therefore, has now begun to rebel against us calling us to tend and care in the manner that we are supposed to do.”

“Our staff were very supportive of this venture and we planted more than 500 trees and collected a further 2000 saplings to support future plantations. We are very keen on giving back to nature in a wholesome way,” stated Dr Edirisinghe.

IIHS has been involved in numerous projects which have promoted a larger concept of giving back to society. One similar project was carried out during the lockdown period that took place earlier this year, the staff planted trees in their home gardens in celebration of the New year.