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Wari Saubagya in Uva Wellassa

The Irrigation, Internal Security and Disaster Management Minister Chamal Rajapaksa said that Uva Wellassa boasts 100,000 tanks and anicuts in accordance with ancient chronicles. “The Englishmen hacked a large number of people to death here and damaged extensively a large number of tanks. The Wari Saubagya(Irrigation Prosperity) was launched here to renovate seven tanks that remained dilapidated for decades,” he said.

The Minister said that the tank renovation work will be implemented by the Irrigation Department along with the Army. He said that every dilapidated tank and anicut in the DS Divisions of Uva Wellassa will be renovated under the Wari Saubagya programme.

“The Basawakkulamawewa in Anuradhapura is the first tank in Sri Lanka. It will be named a world heritage at an earliest possible date. Several tanks and anicuts in North and East are renovated now. The Irrigation Department and Agrarian Services are carrying out a mammoth task in renovating tanks and anicuts,” he said

The Minister said that the Opposition is obstructing the public services by the Government by launching protests because they have nothing else to do. “They are against every welfare activity by the Government. He said that the resources of the country will not be sold to foreign countries as the previous yahapalana regime did.