Moneragala records 118 COVID cases | Daily News

Moneragala records 118 COVID cases

The Moneragala District recorded 118 COVID-19 cases and one COVID death yesterday, Moneragala Additional Government Agent Chandana Lokuhewage said.

A 60-year-old woman from Badalkumbura, Alupotha had died.

Fifty seven COVID cases were detected from Badalkumbura, 38 from Wellawaya, six from Siyambalanduwa, five from Sevanagala, four from Buttala, three from Moneragala, two from Bibila, two from Medagama and one from Thanamalwila.

About 601 residents of Moneragala are under quarantine and their families have been provided with dry food worth Rs. 10,000.

About 118 persons are under quarantine in Moneragala, 136 in Siyambalanduwa, six in Madulla, 36 in Medagama, 15 in Bibila, 55 in Badalkumbura, 60 in Buttala, 104 in Wellawaya, 35 in Thanamalwila, 25 in Sevanagala and nine in Kataragama.