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Dhammika cautions against syrup scam

A concoction is being sold in Kegalle via social media. Dhammika Bandara, who prepared the famous concoction against the COVID said that the one being sold in Kegalle through social media is different from the one he made.

He said that he was blamed on social media for preparing a concoction that causes many side effects. He denied those baseless allegations and said none was given his recipe of the concoction that he produced.

“The medication was endorsed by several health authorities at a time when there is no cure for COVID-19 in the country,” he said.

“I urge people not to fall prey to various allegations on social media and purchase the syrup from any stores because I have not given anyone the right or permission to distribute the syrup,” he said.

“The medication is available in some stores for Rs.2,500. The medicine I have made has been tested and is being given out to the Police and Tri-forces. It has no side effects whatsoever,” he said.