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Master plan to boost coconut production

The coconut industry must have a long term plan to boost its production. Therefore, suitable areas for growing coconuts and methods to boost the annual coconut production are being identified by the Presidential Secretariat now.

The Geographical Information System has been considered to decide on lands in this regard.

The Plantation Ministry, Coconut Cultivation Board, Coconut Development Authority and Coconut Research Institute jointly work to revive cultivation.

Coconut production will be increased by two fold from three billion to six billion coconuts. Under the first phase, 50,000 hectares will be developed adding 750 million coconuts to the national coconut production.

The Public-Private Coconut Cultivation Promotion Project will develop 200,000 hectors to get 100-150 coconuts from each tree in one year.

Barren 50,000 hectares of paddy fields and 100,000 hectares from the Northern and Eastern Provinces have been earmarked for cultivating coconuts. A Plantation Ministry Spokesman said that the plan is launched in collaboration with an agriculture management consultancy agency, which has a network in over 150 countries.