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Funds to increase number of courts - Justice Minister

Funds have been allocated to increase the number of courts after adding new technology to improve the quality and efficiency of the Judiciary, Justice Minister Ali Sabry, PC, said yesterday.

The Justice Minister made these remarks while speaking at the Justice Ministry to commence duties for 2021.

The Minister briefly explained the objectives he expected to achieve within the next three years.

The Justice Minister said that the Government was able to bring 37 legal amendments in an unprecedented manner, expecting to bring relief for the public through the Judiciary.

The Minister said the construction of a building complex named ‘Adhikarana Piyasa’ will be commenced during this month under four projects.

The Minister noted that the country’s legal system has not been upgraded since 1947 and emphasised that every person should be treated equally before the law.

The Minister stated that everyone should be prepared to make sacrifices for the betterment of the people and to strengthen the investment opportunities in the country.

The Minister further added that the President, Prime Minister and the Government are providing immense support to achieve these objectives. The Minister reiterated he is expecting everyone’s support to accomplish the Government’s policy plans.