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President tells Ministers, MPs and staff:

Work with determination, commitment to achieve people’s aspirations

Commencing duties in the New Year President Gotabaya Rajapaksa met Ministers, Members of Parliament and his staff at the Presidential Secretariat yesterday.

Mingling with the gathering, President Rajapaksa said that it is necessary to work with optimism, determination and commitment to achieve the aspirations of the people while being conscious about the challenges facing the nation. Extending his warm wishes to the Ministers, MPs and his staff, the President was engaged in a cordial discussion with them.

Secretary to the President Dr. P.B.Jayasundera administered the oath marking the commencement of official duties by public servants 2021.

“The entire public service should be sincerely committed to an efficient and effective public service as per the “Saubhagyaye Dekma” policy framework,” the Secretary to the President stated. The country is moving towards professional leadership.

Jayasundera said the President hoped for a public service that would fulfill the aspirations of the people under the “New Normal” situation that has evolved following the COVID-19 pandemic. ‘Despite severe financial difficulties, ours is the only Government in the world that has paid salaries and allowances to over 1.5 million public servants and over 600,000 retirees on time without any deductions,” the Secretary pointed out.

The Government led by President Rajapaksa is committed to protect the public servants.

The Secretary to the President emphasized that it is the responsibility of all public servants to commit themselves to render best of their service to the country.

Principal Advisor to President Lalith Weeratunga, Director General (Administration) Retired Major General K.B. Egodawele, Private Secretary to the President Sugeeshwara Bandara and officials of the Presidential Secretariat were also present.