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Will ensure a society free from fear and suspicion - Minister

The New Year wish of the Public Security Ministry should be to ensure a society free from fear and suspicion for all Sri Lankans. To achieve this goal we need to eradicate the underworld, drugs, child abuse, abuse against women, extortion and abductions from Sri Lanka, said Public Security Minister Rear Admiral Dr. Sarath Weerasekara.

He said this during the commencement of work for the New Year where a pledge was taken to work to make the country a safe place.

He said that public servants who are paid with public funds have a great responsibility to serve the people.

“The Police Department and the Civil Defense Department have been given the responsibility of creating a society free from fear and suspicion. These departments are administered by us. It is our duty and responsibility to increase the morale of the people in these departments,” he said.

“No matter how many modern weapons there are, it is useless if the person handling it does not have courage. Hence, it is vital to look after the welfare of the people working in these departments and ensure that they get their promotions and other requirements on time, so they have the mindset to work efficiently. Therefore, the responsibility to keep these officers happy and provide their welfare requirements is the prime responsibility of this ministry, including the Secretary and myself,” Minister Rear Admiral Dr. Sarath Weerasekara said.

“Also, it is of no use in having all modern weapons or training if these officers do not have a feeling for their country. Only if these officers feel for their country will our efforts materialize. Therefore, every person born in this country should have a feeling for it. Those who love this country are patriots and those who don’t are traitors,” he said.

Ministry Secretary Major Gen.(Retd.) Jagath Alwis and several other officials participated in this event.